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Our dynamic approach to business is really all about understanding the worth of unique individuals and how they contribute in the overall business process. Our personnel have a broad range of experiences in the real world consulting and technology projects, locally and internationally. Therefore our clients could benefit from our vast knowledge pool  to formulate an optimum, feasible, and practicable solution for their businesses.

Backed up with our expertise and experiences, we are highly confident to deliver solution that understands our clients, seamlessly integrates into their business style, and continuously improves our clients business processes.

Founded in 2003 by some IT practitioners in software consulting industry in the United States, infinITechnology started as an IT consultant and enterprise business solutions company. Based on the experiences in financial services software markets in New York City, those founders have put strong foundation for the business model of infinITechnology. Until now infinITechnology has established a solid business field specializing in custom development of software applications.

The first major
project completed in IT industry was application for multifinance industry (Financing and Leasing) and ever since infinITechnology has been trusted by some major institutions to handle and to customize their IT infrastructure requirements, such as health care and vehicle services industries.

Comprised of experienced and dedicated individuals in their respective fields, infinITechnology is targeting more industries for their custom developed enterprise software applications with their unique approach in web-based and open source technologies .

infinITechnology mission is to leverage the finest technology in our solution to all of our clients. Our solution is not just a typical technology solution, but MUST have value added benefits in term of productivity, cost optimization, and scalability for the growth of your business, while also offering best-of-breed choice of technology available in the market. We can guarantee our clients that the solution we offer will not be the same as other solutions in the market because our motto is: "We will only do what we could do best".

Our core values define the character of our enterprise, principals and affiliates.
They provide insight into our "corporate culture". These core values statements guide how we live, as well as how we work.
infinITechnology can create value for clients because we value ourselves, what we do and how we do it. 

Customer Focus
Customers are the center of our business. We are doing what we do now because our customers demand excellent services from a professional organization. We passionately formulate the best solution for our customers and maintain a top quality level of service for them. At the same time, we also maintain good relationships with all of our past, present and prospective customers since they are very valuable resources for us to keep improving our products and services. We are existed because of our customers, so we will provide them with the best possible effort in return as part of our professional responsibilities. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of all infinITechnology employees.

is a highly process-oriented organization. We are using our unique methodology in achieving everything we are doing in our business to accomplish the best possible result. We are intensively planning our method, iterating our plan to continuously enhance it, strictly following the plan deep into the detail, and keep monitoring our performance. We will never act based on impulsive and just-in-time strategy because we believe that everything must be well-planned to achieve the expected outcome. And since we keep monitoring our progress, we are highly confident that we will always stay in course and accomplish the best possible outcome as we always do.

We treat everyone involved in the organization - staff, stakeholders, and customers alike - with dignity and respect. We are truthful and sincere, keep our promises, and deliver on our commitments.

We are so committed to innovation in implementing our solution. Our motto:"we will only do what we could do best", reflect our passion about the way we are doing business, and we are driven to excel in every aspect of our business. Our commitment of constant innovation led us to the development of products as the best-of-breed solutions. We always provide our customers with the innovative products and services that they need to succeed, for today and well into the future.

Write us if you are interested with our services or would like to know more about our business core.